The Amalfi Coast( Costiera amalfitana) is really wonderful with its blue and clear sea, the green of the Mediterranean maquis and the hues of citrus fruits spreading out over terraced cultivations blend with the typical architecture. Tortuous streets, breathtaking views, bays, inlets, cliffs and characteristic villages and small towns fascinate tourists and visitors, Like the following ones:
Amalfi, the town whose name indicates the entire coast. Dominated by the majestic Cathedral dedicated to Sant’Andrea (St. Andrew), Amalfi, an ancient Maritime Republic, offers innumerable testimonies of its glorious past.

Furore, located a few miles away, has got typical fresco-painted houses, public buildings and small piazzas. Many naturalistic itineraries are possible through perfumes of agave, Indian figs and rosemary. Furore is famous for its fjords: spectacular expression of the power of nature.

Positano is a true paradise, developed vertically with its streets full of shops that expose the colorful dresses of Positano fashion well-known all over the world. The Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta that shows up with its large dome, tiled in majolica and sheltering some precious works like polychrome marble altars.

Ravello is an elegant village, characterized by beautiful villas. It is famous for its Festival: in the garden of Villa Rufolo you can listen to great classical music. The heart is represented by Piazza Vescovado, framed by the nice architecture of Palazzo Rufolo and the Cathedral.
Minori  is not only a nice seaside resort , but also an archaeological complex: in Villa Romana (Roman Villa) and in the Museo dell’ Antiquario (Museum of Antiquity) it is possible to admire several finds dating back to that period.
it is possible to admire ancient Roman objects, and the Museo dell’ Antiquario (Museum of Antiquity).

Praiano is an ancient and quiet fishing village that offers visitors a very suggestive landscape and a great artisan silk-spinning and manufacturing tradition.

Vietri sul Mare is well known for its artistic ceramic manufacturing

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