Last Christmas Naples was really wonderful, wearing a bright dress woven with lights and colours, in spite of the economic crisis and unsolved problems.

I love my city so much and sometimes I speak with her as she were a woman, an ancient personage, Parthenope, the siren of myths who allured with her chant even the invaders of her marvelous reign.

How many dominations, dear Parthenope! Nevertheless you were able to elaborate, to transform, to integrate different cultures and traditions since the time of your foundation: an ancient Greek colony rich in art and beauty, called Neapolis (New Town) by the Cumans, then passed under the different domination of the Oscans, Romans, Byzantines, Goths, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragons, Bourbons, of Napoleon and his relatives, and again under the Bourbons and at last, when the Unity of Italy became a reality, the new northern king forgot that your generous people helped with the sacrifice of their lives, dreaming a strong and cohesive Home, capable of rejecting new invaders: a dream that was never realized fully. You, Naples, are in the South of Italy and that’s why you are still considered a land of conquest, like all southern countries all over the world.

What can we say, dear Naples. Even though you are still so often offended, denigrated, oppressed, you are always “alive” and like the Arabian Phoenix you fight to reborn from you ashes, preserving all that is positive in your past of sufferings and tyrannical repressions, capable of inventing new things to survive with fantasy, creativity, joy of life that you reveal through a lively tarantella or a witty joke in which Neapolitans are so able. And, on the other side, suddenly like a lightning, sensibility, intense feelings, melancholy, and a painful resignation to the Fate are revealed through your melodious songs known all over the world.

I am happy because I was born here, when from your nice hills I can admire wonderful views changing colours and nuances according to the hours of the day. You are incomparable in that particular hour that follows the sunset” and “softens the sailors’ heart” (Dante) with delicate nuances that remind us some gouaches of the Posillipo School painters.

I am happy because I was born in Naples, in Campania, when I think of the immense artistic and cultural patrimony of this territory. I am proud when I can put in relief your positive aspects, even if I always fight against the negative ones, hoping that one day in the South of Italy and in all the southern countries of the world Education and jobs opportunities will generate a great change.

For all these reasons we invite all Italian and foreign tourists to visit Naples, not only at Christmas, but whenever they can: in every season they will certainly find a lot of cultural events, concerts, interesting meetings, guided tours, good theatres, cinemas, discos, good food and excellent wines.

Giovanna D’Arbitrio

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